8-60 mm thick paper honeycomb core for packing
8-60 mm thick paper honeycomb core for packing

Item specifics

Endless or customize
Paper material
100/140 gsm corrugated paper
Honeycomb core
Max before expanding width
1600 MM
Place of Origin
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
honeycomb core cell size
7-21 MM inner diameter
8-60 MM



Products Description

8-60 mm thick paper honeycomb core for packing

Industrial use

Paper honeycomb core mainly use in door and furniture filling, because its high strength, light weight and 100% recyclabe characteristic.


With special paper material the paper honeycomb core also very famous in making different kind of artware products like decoration.

Detailed Images

Base paper

100/140 gsm industrial level high strength corrugated paper, can fit most kind of reuqest on honecyomb core making;100% recyclable; can be customize if have special request.

Honeycomb cell size

4/6/8/10/12 mm side length, equal to 7/10/14/17/21 mm inner diameter. If yo need other cell size please contact us.

Standard parameter

Length: Customize

Width: Before expanding max 1600 mm

Thickness: 8-60 mm

If you have other require size please contact us.

Packing & Delivery

Safety sea shipping packing 

Standard paper pallet with stretch film packing, also can be customize with paper box or other material packing.